Lick The Piss From Our Shoes

Zazie and me have been outside, and our boots are pretty dirty. So I tell her that it is no problem, I have a pathetic shoe cleaner just ideal for such dirty work. So I tell my shoe cleaner to get his tongue working on our feet. You know outside there is a lot of dog poop, piss and other heinous things. So Princesses like us should not clean such a mess ourselves! The slave must clean both Zazies and my footwear for whatever filth and feces they contain! This should be a privileged job for a So close to Princess feet! But for me this is not abasing enough! I want to really humiliate him more. So I just start pissing on the floor beside him, while he cleans Zazies shoes. When I am finished, I rub my shoes in the piss and have him lick it I bet my shoes never tasted better than now! When I am satisfied, I have him zip whatever piss is left on the floor!