Broken Toilet 41 – Gigantic Mouth Shit

I was nasty sadomasochistic with my toilet slave in this one. Not having a care in the world for its discomfort suffering. It was a two day stream so I took a GIGANTIC feces right into its mouth. As it should be I received dual pleasure in this one. The pleasure of taking such a massive feces into its mouth providing my colon the sore release it needed. Right after that I sat down on it, smiling down at it and even laughing at it as I observed it suffer while it was gulping my horrible stinking poop. The very same kaviar that felt so amazing, sliding out of my butt. Even as it blew bubbles through my shit while swallowing it I show no mercy. It has no choice but to keep swallowing my shit, seeing me smiling and laughing down at it during its suffering. I even took my time smearing its face and neck with my shit while telling it that its my little shit eater. As a woman it is so empowering to turn a man into a toilet and watching it suffer eating your shit. I am one happy and satisfied Goddess indeed! Filmed from two angles to ensure everything is in perfect view for you :- I also included a little bonus material for you ;-Be sure to check my store for my other clips including my Lesbian Toilet clips where my slave girl Chanelle is my toilet and swallowing my shit.