Domestic Slavery Chocolate Meal For Him

I felt lazy about doing the the domesticities. I had a lot of dirty dishes in the drown. Garbage to throw away. So I went bare-chested and I called my slave and locked him in chastity. I like being kinky and taunt my slaves. Torment them but in a voluptuous way. So I abjected him by putting him to do all this work for me while I was bare-chested and he was in chastity. It took a long time to wash all the mud. And I made the task even more difficult : while this pathetic fellows washed the dishes I embarked fingering his ass and then fisted him so it would be more difficult to focus on the task. But the slutty slave enjoyed it, because I trained his ass well :While he did the job, I prepared myself a cocktail and enjoyed it. While he was washing the dishes, he made a suggestion, that he would like to be my toilet slave also. So at the end I shitting in a plate, as a meal for the domestic slave.