Get My Smelly Diarrhea

So How about you open up for this pretty booty? I can feel it cooking in there, that what you like, huh? You like thinking about turds cooking in sexy butt like this? I can feel it coming out of my butt. Phew, you can smell that? Thats my assthats my stinky Booty, honey. Thats the smell of my feces coming from inwards, right in your mouth. You ready for it? Honestly, I dont care if youre ready, youre in for a entire lot of shit! Go on, stick your nose in there. Stick it right in my hole. You like that? Get a good whiff. Smell that shit, its coming outgonna poke your nose. Go on, stick your face in that stinky shit. You gotta worship that shit before you eat it. And thats what I tell you, worm. Youre gonna come here every day for a portion of shit. And I KNOW youll always be coming back for more, you fucking loser.