Maids And Enemas Slave-o-rama

Saki, Rin and Yuna stared at each other as they huddled in a circle on all fours. Their naked butts were up in the air, all vulnerable and unprotected. Rin let out a raw fart that made the other ladies giggle. Yuna was so jumpy she let out a warm draft that smelled faintly of peanuts. One of the slaves began began pushing thick tubes into the maids, because the master who was watching was feeling hot and horny. The thick enema fluid was emptied into the bowels of the three maids, and their bellies packed with the foul liquid that their figures instantaneously rejected. Tight anuses squirted shit and salty water on the floors, making them look like filthy animals wallowing in a pen. The masked slaves then began eating the shit-stained anuses and pussies before pulling out their UNWASHED DICKS to fuck the new maids.