Francesca’s Oh Fuck

Francesca was soooooo mad at herself with this clip!!! If you have ever seen a Francesca clip, you know she makes some EXPLOSIVE dumps!! But She never made a mess like she did in this one!! She took one of her detox teas, and that truly gets her bowels to movin. She determined to do it a little different this time and let liberate in her shower. She indeed had to urinate very first as she lets out a hard streaming piss for a good minute, once that ultimately was done she thought she was just gonna let out a regular dump but the squirts bursted out her butt something serious!! Instead of shooting straight down, it busted straight ahead, all over the camera, the stand, the bathtub, the floor, the door, everywhere!! LMAO she was sooooooo mad!! It got over everything!! She almost got it into her bedroom!! LOL She likes making videos, but hates the mess!! After her initial anger at the mess she made, she had to laugh at her work!! She said its another part to this and I can t wait to see it!! She said she really needs encouragement in making these so show your love!! By far her messiest clip ever!!