Aritomos Golden Gag And Slurps

Middle-aged Aritomo had a dual life: a bank manager in the morning, and a human toilet in the evening. His mistress tonight, Aya, took ultimate pleasure in locking his jaw with a cut bottle. Her sweaty snatch in view, Aritomo could only keep quiet as he ball-gagged from the stinking urinate. What did she drink before this? Aritomo tasted salty, bitter and sour at the same time. But he dare not drool any of it out, lest he incur the anger of his mistress. The piss sloshed and gurgled down Aritomos mouth, a good quart of it, so much for a small woman. Aritomo then opened his mouth so his mistress can sit on his face and grind her unwashed pussy and pee hole on his mouth and nose. The smell was even stronger when his nose was buried in her pussy and bush, and the smell of pee coated the insides of his mouth and face. Aritomo now felt like a proper human toilet slave.