Full Toilet Slave Training 01

For months my slave has been begging me to permit him to serve as my Fine, if thats what he wants! Its not like hes ever going to smooch a woman with his hideous lips anyway, lol. I serve him my piss and crap in a dog cup and place it in front of him. Drink! He manages to drink about half my piss, granted, it was fairly a large amount. Then I turn him around and feed him a chunk of my kaviar with a spoon. Knowing that this would be difficult I hold his mouth shut but it wasnt enough, he starts gagging and spits it out almost hitting me! Ugh, he was lucky I did not get any on me, I would have beaten the living daylights out of him! Lesson learned, next time I will use a funnel gag so he cannot spit it out, fucking loser! And NO, you will not see me peepoo on camera, I am fully clothed during this video.