Brutal Piss Mistresses And A Slave

Eiji flopped to the ground and was careful not to look at his mistresses straight into their eyes, because that would earn him several hard spanks on the face. The older mistress smiled cruelly at how pathetic the slave was, with his stupid mouth open and begging for foul-smelling piss. The older mistress has held her piss for hours, so she could unload into the slaves unworthy mouth. Her urinate was the color and tasted horrible because its already stale. But the slave didnt permit a drop of it to dribble out of his mouth. His empty tummy squirmed from the taste and thickness of the fluid, but he guzzled dutifully for a entire minute. His belly ached from being packed by the stale urinate. The younger mistress had a poor aim and peed all over the slaves face. Her pee stung his eyes, and creamed his face with a salty toner that he wish he could bathe in. The younger mistress pee was light and yellow, and perfect for a daily meal.