Amina And Kristina Bombed My Mouth Close-up

Amina and Kristina bombed my mouth! Close-up. I have to entertain my Mistresses in different ways. The fantasies of woman's are very diverse. Usually, I play the role of a doggie for them. But this time they called me Batman, because my mask looks like the mask of a famous movie hero. The damsels determined to play the game The abjection of Batman, which turned out to be fairly fierce. Mrs Christina, Amina and Karina took turns beating me with a belt, slapping me on cheeks and kicking in the balls. Mistress Amina stuck her sanitary pad on my forehead. I was kneeling and sniffing the girls asses. The last stage of humiliation was the performance of the toilet for girls. Batman had to eat huge piles of shit from Mrs Amina and Christina, and eat Karinas vaginal discharge.