Masaes Forked Turd

Masaes snatch has always been funky and pungent, the kind of cunny that youd never think twice about eating until she faints from pleasure. I know, because Im the human toilet, and I see her lovely secrets every day. She always commence her kaviar with a putrescent shower, because she likes holding in her golden liquid for hours. I welcome the smell as it hits my face, all the way down to my chest. It heats me up real good. I could smell her pink pucker, its opening ideally to expose a hard turd thats already forking at its tip. That has to be a really hard one and its smells delightfully foul too she likes her meat and weird soda pops, alright. Her turd forks again before her tight anus pinches it off, leaving flakes of shit around her precious hole. Im going to lick that later. But first, I need to eat this forked goodness brown and majestic, and all just for me.