Broken Toilet 43 – Work For Meal

Some AWESOME poop guzzling activity in todays Cracked Toilet. I had fairly a soft and very stinky crap but my slave Dedicated Sub walked the extra mile by eating it all for me when I feces in his mouth. Im a rock-hard believer that being a toilet for a beautiful woman is not a right but a privilege. Its significant to remind slaves of this frequently by having them work for it. They have to earn that meal they are about to consume from your ideal female butthole. In my case I like presenting my beautiful sexy booty to my slave, as he stares at my butt in admiration he is reminded that is where he will be eating his meal from. A nasty foul tasting one, no matter how beautiful is. I begin off by letting him sniff smell my butt stink before I let him slurp my butt cheeks. Staring at a womans beautiful bottom as shes wearing a sexy little G-String should be an honor for any good slave. By having him eat my arse cheeks its a hard reminder of how little I truly think of him. But now its time to earn that meal and give me fine pleasure at the same time, by ordering him to gobble my booty. Very few things are as erotic to me as a man inhaling my ass-fuck odor, his tongue licking digging into my asshole while my bowels are full. As the throbbing in my vagina started I gave into the urge and started masturbating. Bringing myself to a very satisfying, loud vocal orgasm. Now that I had my orgasmic fun pleasures and my slave licked my ass from where his meal will be fed I think he earned his meal from my body. Seated in comfort on my toilet chair my slave licks my asshole again as I start to push. He knows I like that, the soft warm feeling of my shit making contact with his mouth. That warm sticky feeling while making a mess in his mouth gives me goosebumps. I moan and breathe as I empty my bowels. Taking a soft and very stinky shit in his mouth, I even comment on the stinky smell while shitting in his mouth. As soon as I was empty I did what I love most. I got up and looked down on him through the opening. I like looking into a slaves eyes when he is eating and swallowing my shit. It also gives the slave the opportunity to see my beautiful body, the very same bodys solid waste he is now eating and enduring the terrible taste. As I look into his eyes with a smile, trying to suppress a pending orgasm I tell him how I love when he is struggling like this. His slight gagging during swallowing made me so wet I could actually feel it leaking down my inner thighs. After filming these videos I always go and have passionate sex with my husband. Not only am I light and relieved from emptying my bowls but Im always horny as hell from watching my toilet slaves eat all my shit for me :- Be sure to check my store for my other clips including my Lesbian Toilet clips where my slave girl Chanelle is my toilet and swallowing my shit.