Do A Foot Massage And Eat Our Shit

Do a foot rubdown and eat our feces! It was superb, but very difficult! Today I have to do 2 things at once - do an excellent foot rubdown to my beloved women and at the same time eat their feces. It was difficult for me to at the same time concentrate on two things at once, and I often left behind about foot massage when I was eating shit, but the girls constantly reminded me of that. Both girls today received the maximum service from me, 1 girl devastated her ass, and the other enjoyed a massage. Swallowing today was very difficult. The girls were simultaneously tearing me apart - they wanted a high-quality foot massage and a high-quality toilet. I almost vomited on Kristina, her shit always has a strong taste and a liquid consistency, but I concentrated and did this dirty business! It was very bad for me, I was sick, but I tolerated it, and the girls at that moment were laughing and enjoying the process.