The Mistresss Guests Arrive

Mistress Emiko was so proud of her evil piss bong contraption that she just had to invite close friends over. Aotos jaw was frozen and hurt from having to grip the peak of the evil piss bong for hours. He spotted the feet of the other mistresses walk in, and heard their mocking laughter at how petite his dick was through his abominable white briefs. The middle-aged banker became excited from all the dick shaming, but was anxious that Mistress Emiko had more of her foul piss left behind Until the three mistresses surrounded him, holding the tubes to their twats. Aoto smelled the familiar, musty smell of fresh pee as the women released their loads into the thick, clear tubes. The golden honey liquids flowed effortlessly down the tubes and collected in a large orb a few inches from his face. The fluid settled and began bubbling as it drained down Aotos captive mouth, and into his tired, itching throat full of thick mucus and old pee.