Heavy Belly Heavy Load

Fujiko hurried to my room when sensed that her belly was about to explode. This forty-something mother of four has always been my beloved. Diet rich in meat, peanuts, and soups Thats a good mix in more ways than one. And I love how her lovely pink hole would balloon a full inch before opening broad like a blossom. There was so much space in there for the largest turds that I imagine myself diving into it so I can slurp and eat all of that lovely poop. I smell her rancid, day old turd as she farts and primes her backdoor for the rough, sausage turd shes about to let out. She pins her eyes close with the slight pain of the sausage shit going down her rectum too big! and how it pushes against her tiny butthole to get out. The smell enlivens me its musty and strong, and smells faintly of coffee, too. The rough tip escapes, immediately followed by the larger body of the turd. I open my mouth to receive her gift.