Manlets First Pee Bong Encounter

Ruki is hypnotized by the evil contraption on top of him. It had several clear tubes running in three directions, and a clear orb where he could see the cloudy, yellow fluid collecting when the mistresses wished to discipline him. Today, three lady guests of the Mistress arrived and laughed at how pathetic he looked, trapped under the piss bong. One of them instantaneously took a tube to her slit, and ordered the manlet to keep his eye open so he could see her funky-smelling piss flow down the tube. She smelled like she hadnt washed for days. Her undies were foul and used, alright, and that undoubtedly added strange dimensions to the concentrated piss. The deep yellow piss coursed through the clear tube, before settling at the bottom of the orb. Rukis tongue recoiled from the bitter, acidic taste at first, but he closed his eyes and remembered that he was a human toilet. His mouth gagged a little as it let in the stench of the pee into his nostrils, and down his throat. The mistress must be taking lots of medication lately.