Chikas Fetid Yellow Anaconda

Chika has a thing for waiting for the last minute before rushing to the toilet to do her business. I witness her hurry from the outside, scarcely able to get her soiled undies down shes poo on them again and positioning her round butt over my face. I love her heart-shaped butt, but the true prize is in the center: her crowning glory of an butt-hole. A guy's knuckle could fit in there and it could lightly eject a turd the size of a puppy. Chika likes giving birth to turd puppies. But today, the massive head of her turd shows that shes about to give birth to a yellow ANACONDA, a foul-smelling thing that smells like fetid yogurt and bad meats. Her fart covers the entire toilet, and I taste the air for its perfection. She squirms before pushing out the large, yellow shit from her bowels. The shit squelches as it is pinched, before rolling stickily down my my face and into my mouth.