Kaguya Firm Meal

Mistress Haruna had already stripped off her soiled undies; her buttcheeks felt gooey from farting, and her moistened ass hole was ready to unload something shes been holding in for a few hours. Now decently dry and fetid, Mistress Haruna makes sure that the pathetic slaves mouth will be absolutely glazed in the stench of the crap. Old Hachiro closed his eyes and opened his mouth, not knowing what the Mistress Haruna was about to do to his mouth this time. He heard a high-pitched fart escape her slot before the foul smell hit his nostrils. The smell made him gag, releasing salty saliva in his mouth. He was behaving like a proper slave craving for shit. The flower shape turd coiled around his lips and it was as hard as dried cocoa bricks. It kept rolling until it filled half his mouth and he knew he had to work through it until it was no more.