Eisukes Brown Icky Mess

Eisuke couldnt stand the feeling anymore of having the peak of her feces poking through her rectum while walking. The look of the toilet delighted her, as she pulled down her undies and relaxed her booty cheeks for the very first time in hours. It was a cold day, and the skin of her ass hole reacted to the cold air by letting out a small fart. Lips pursed, she let her grumbling belly work its magic as the biggest turd shes had all week began its full descent. Her lower belly had felt so full all day that she was amazed that she could push out this large a turd. The big head of the turd was round and hard, and nearly tore her anus as it struggled to get out. The turd was a mix of several days worth of food, and it was acrid and smelled of innards through and through. The poop broke free completely with a loud pop before hitting the side of the toilet with a sickening slick sound.