Full Toilet Slave Training 03

For months my slave has been begging me to permit him to serve as my Fine, if thats what he wants! This is my 3rd full-toilet training session with my slave. Since he fights to gulp my kaviar I am going effortless on him this time and serve him a plate of microwave ravioli. I let him take a few bites to clean his palate and then go to the bathroom and come back with a beautiful fresh turd. I drop it into his ravioli and let him take a few puny bites. After I mash the ravioli with my poo and let him take a few bites off my feet. Hes still a long way from eating a whole turd and being a good toilet but hes slowly making progress and manages to eat a little bit more each time. I hope that someday soon he will be able to eat it pure without constantly gagging. He should be grateful for the opportunity to nourish his body with my godly waste!