Devilish Diarreah Yazmins Explosion In My Mouth

Yazmin is this time she brought a gigantic full geyser of liquid gold! I had her pack out some paperwork when she very first got to my room and I quickly took advantage of running with the idea of just having her finish my paperwork and letting the scene unfold naturally from then on! And it worked out ideally! Albeit she was dispelled and was not able to finish the task until we ended the shoot lol Neither of us knew it was going to be so much poo and liquid scat at that! But I am glad it was because it truly enabled me to guzzle an incredible amount of scat, literally mouthhole after throatful! It was an explosion in my mouth! My dick was throbbing with each swallow!!!! I swallowed all that I possibly could and with scat all over my mask and shirt this brave girl jumped right up and began sucking my dick again keeping me in an intense state of pleasure! She was very horny knowing that I ate her I swallowed everything that came into my mouth immediately I had to lick around my mask and the inside of my mask to procure another mouthful, because I love swallowing a mouthful as I cum! Luckily I found enough and was able to blow my load into her mouth where she actually swallowed as well and played with it, making my big orgasm that much more satisfying!!! Fuck! I am still trying to process what just happened lol it was truly fucking amazing! Cheers.