Himaris Dry Turd

Im a human toilet waiting for my mistresses to feed me every single day. Today, my mistress is away, but her friend has been paying me visits, suggesting me fine gifts of foul turds all day. She is a short-haired woman, maybe in her thirties, and I simply love how she would showcase me her soiled knickers before opening her crack. Her fat labia was just as fat as her butt, that hid a most succulent and taut pucker. Her anus was so tight that she would give the smallest fart that smelled the most potent. I relish the moist farts before she would scrunch her face up and push hard, suddenly opening her anus and releasing the contents from within. Her shit was always moist like newly mixed chocolate, in smooth sausages that would plop uniformly on my mouth before I could start chewing.