Gentaro Gets A Big One

Gentaro was jumpy but made sure that he didnt let the Mistress see it. He was going to get disciplined again, for sure. The Mistress sat on the toilet and felt her belly around before ordering Gentaro to open his mouth broad. She didnt want to waste a speck of her kaviar, which she had been saving since morning. Gentaro was hypnotized by the form of her pink hole, and how it would open so slightly when she farted on his face. The warm, stinky drafts of air smelled of fresh shit, and he knew that the shit was already there, ready to be unloaded. She started pushing at the shit from within and the tip, already hard and round, tried to fork before settling for a rounder shape that fit Gentaros mouth perfectly. Gentaro had to keep his mouth wide open, no chance for resisting, and not even a speck of the acrid-smelling turd escaped his mouth.