Hidemis Golden Butter

Youthful Hidemi knew she shouldnt have eaten all those peanuts from the night before. The crunchy peanuts turned her belly into goop, and now she had to let me love the golden buttery goodness. Im a human toilet, always ready to eat these ladies sappy turds, especially the ones who have bellies so mighty they couldnt wait to unload their turds into my mouth. My tongue tasted her little farts, which tasted intense with peanuts and old vegetables, and I couldnt wait as she shoved out the round tip of the turd. It had the consistency of butter, but was solid as can be, just smooth as it slid out of her brown, puckered hole. I could mash this type of shit all day, because it was what shit was meant to be: sticky, fetid, with a smell that would last for hours if I didnt swallow. Delicious!