Very Stinky Shit From Christina And Karina

Very stinky poop from Christina and Karina. I do not often meet with the Mistresses. Every meeting for me is like a holiday. I gladly serve the ladies in the role of the toilet, but this time it was truly very difficult for me. Mrs. Christina and Karina took turns defecating into my mouth, sitting on the bench. Christina ready very well. Yesterday she ate pizza, macaroni, rolls, buckwheat and cake. When she commenced feeding me her crap, it was truly very hard for me, and a duo of times I almost vomited. Poop was very smelly, but I had to overcome myself and eat every last bit of it. Karina was next. She ate fruits and vegetables. After the fruits shit is not very smelly, but it was solid. Therefore I had to chew it, and it caused me to feel nauseous. I chewed Karinas crap for a very long time, but still coped. Serving the girls was difficult, but I really enjoyed the meeting with them. After all, there is nothing more pleasant than to eat the shit from a beautiful female ass.