Hinata Is A Turd Superstar

Hinatas fetish was to keep her feces in for as long as possible before paying me a visit. Im a human toilet, ladies and gentlemen, and I have the best job in the world. Hinatas brown-eye expanded like a bitch when I opened my eyes, almost two inches, and I eyed the largest turd I have seen in my life. The turd was a sickly color of green mixed with brown, and the size of the head would put puppies to shame. She let out a banging fart as the peak escaped, followed by the rest of her turd that measured as thick as a petite forearm. The turd kept going and going, more than a feet in length as it reached down to my open mouth. The kaviar tasted musty and aged, and slightly bitter and salty in some parts. My mouth packed with salty saliva as I gobbled it all up as it piled into my mouth, in a single unbroken shit anaconda fir for royalty.