Sakuras Stinky Surprise

Sakura didnt like taking dumps, because her shits were hard and fat, and hurt her butt hole. She sat nervously as she felt the jiggling flaps in her belly. She knew it was going to be hard and meaty again today. Her face was twisted slightly from the effort, and she shoved hard until the hard, brown head peeked from her lil' fuckhole slightly. She smelled todays turd and thought it was stinky and nasty, because she had eaten lots of yogurt the previous day. The turd was so hard it made a loud thud on the surface of the toilet, and the smell got worse when she pinched off the first chunk. The ones last in line were overpowering, and she was shocked that her innards could produce such filthy smells even if she shat every day. Wiping her crinkled butter factory, she curiously smelled the shit streaks on the tissue and felt unusually comforted by the smell. She liked the smell.