Misakis Princess Poo

Misaki was pretty and graceful in all respects, and the way she shits also reflects this. She would daintily squat on the toilet and give the cutest squeeze on her lips as she paws her lower belly. Then her sour-smelling butt-hole, glazed with her sweat would open up thrice its size to expose the lightest colored yellow turd in the world. The turd would ribbon as it goes out of her crevice, and it had the consistency of soft cheese. It didnt smell bad at all. It would smell like food, not crap, and you can imagine how interesting it would be to grope your fingers all over it, before pushing two digits into her hole to play with her soft anus and rectum. The shit would ribbon all over your hands, liquefying, until you can rub it all over your face and lips Perfect.