Checkered Girl Go

Checkered Damsel is a feces fiesta when she determines to go. She has a soft, bushy cunt that she doesnt like washing, thus, has a darker tone to it. She would smell sour and salty at the same time. Her farts were banging noisy, and in time for a thick, syrupy golden shower that you can bathe in because of how much there was every time. Her flawlessly round rectum would shyly pop half an inch before opening up more, giving you a great view of her mashed up shit trying to escape its confines. Her turd was a mix of golden yellow and orange, and was soft and mushy through and through. It piled perfectly on top of each other and began flowing in all directions when it landed on the toilets pristine surface. She pinched off several sections more, releasing a plopping sound and a divine acidic smell of innards every time.