Yutas Flaky Treasure

Yuta liked eating a diversity of things to keep her meals interesting, but this resulted in flaky turd that splattered her butt all the time. She sat cozily on the toilet and waited for the flaky peak to spew out from butthole. She felt the warm peak extruding, as the smell covered the entire room with an acidic and musty smell. Her turd was a mix of corn and peanuts, mashed with old rice and meats. Yuta attempted to hold her breath as the turd flakes splattered her butt and the surrounding toilet as the thicker ribbon escaped the innards of her bowel. Her belly heaved a little as the rest of the buttery goodness was shoved out, brow and dark green, and she felt relief, finally. Her anus was still gaping open, allowing her to fart loudly, releasing a clear and pungent stream of air into the room. Her turd was a work of art, it truly was, forked in the right places and cut just right to show the cross-section of each sausage.