Scarletts Big Log

One of the things I love the most about doing this is watching how far I can get these everyday normal ladies to goI mean just getting them to poop into someones mouth is not effortless let alone have them do other scat related activities! This to me is the joy part! So we all are familiar with Scarlett, and if you have been following me you know we have had several encountersin each one she has taken significant steps away from vanilla and into the scat abyss. Her butt is one of the fattest arses you will find on a white damsel so anytime I have the chance to put my face into it, I certainly do it. This time she desired to go a step further and expose more of her face and who she is to everyone. So we scrapped the black lace mask. She dreamed to paw poo all over her assets and inwards of her beaver. She also let me piss in her mouth, something she has never done, but fantasized about. I will be fair we did the scene of me pissing in her mouth and she just could not take it. She reported later to me that she swallowed some of it and she could not handle it and began vomiting. At first I was not even going to include this in the movie but I said you know what this is real, this shit really happened, and you all deserve to see it! This is one thing you all will always get with me and every single production, and that is authenticity!!! After she vomited, we got to the good part, the whole reason why we are all hereher big fat delicious turds. So I handcuffed her and a ball gag into her mouth She then pushed a monster log out, down into my mouth for me to chew up and indulge in. I used what was left to smear her big booty, her tits and stuff her pussy with scat. I finished off the encounter by fucking her in her dirty shit filled pussy and cumming hard all over her big shitty assIt was fucking amazing! Cheers! Runtime 14m.