Natsuki Does It Again

Natsuki promised herself that she wasnt going to feces in a public toilet again, but here she is, ballooning her butt-hole hard. Her booty smells sweaty and salty, and her little, puckered fuckhole smells musty and dank from having to hold in her poo. Her dark brown gunk peeked lightly from her tiny hole, streaking its surroundings with flaked shit. She pushes hard as she scrunches her nose at the fishy smell, but continues pushing until the fish tail like tip escapes her hole. Natsuki eeps pushing until she could smell her innards, thats when she knows that she is halfway there. The warm smell would carress her nostrils and mouth as she relaxes her lower belly to make sure that she gets all of it out. The beautiful pile on the toilet is dry and sticky at the same time, and piled horizontally in a low pile of long brown sausages.