Akios Fetid Salty Surprise

Akio the human toilet observed as the other mistresses walked by him. He was the human toilet for days now, and he exists only to receive the mistresses warm, salty, and bitter deposits. His mouth opened automatically when one of the women squatted in front of him. Her salty-smelling cunny was unwashed, and he was sure that she intended that to make him gag even more. She shoved and a little pip escaped her backdoor. The fart smelled acidic and was moist on his face. The thick yellow piss began pouring out of the mistress, splashing the human toilets face. The piss was warm as can be, and tasted almost salty on his tongue. Akio kept his eyes closed as he opened his lips. He must be immobile, like a true toilet he didnt make a sound. He felt the warm peak of black-brown turd touch his lips stickily, and it began laying down in sausages on top of his mouth. He instantaneously began chewing and pulling in the turd sausages. The mistress poo smelled like fetid fish mixed with sour rice. After guzzling the turd, Akio opened his mouth and his eyes, asking for more. His tongue flicks out to clean the mistress butt, and the mistress closes her eyes in pleasure.