Black Is Gold Brutal Human Toilet Training

Yamato was ecstatic to be the days human toilet. The mistress told him not to eat, and to make sure that he was going to get everything he will be given inwards his mouth. When the brutal poop mistress pulled down her undies and squatted on top Yamato, he could already smell kaviar juice pouring out of her puckered rectum. She must have been holding her turd in for days. She embarks squeezing, letting out fetid farts that swept Yamatos face continuously. Yamato tasted the air and he could already taste glory. This was a giant blast. It smelled wonderfully rotten, the smell of innards and days old fish. He curved his tongue a bit to make sure that the peak of the mistress turd will find itself in his mouth. The warm turd began flowing out. It was jet black and smelled strong and powerful. The mistress must have eaten something that her belly didnt agree with. It smelled like diarrhea mixed with rot. The peak flowed generously into Yamatos mouth and the turd began disintegrating, crumbling wetly against his mouth. Yamato rubbed the excess all over his cheeks to honor the mistress. The black rot slopped slowly toward his neck, as his entire tongue and mouth was now completely coated. He struggled to swallow the slimy shit, and opened his mouth some more to clean the mistress fetid anus.