Hot Jennifers Hot Lunch Short Clip Series

Ive determined to shoot some brief clip movie series that are not as long nor as big of a production and cost a lot less as well, not only to make, but to purchase as well. I will very likely end up posting 2-4 of these type of brief clip series per month. This is for those who are not able to purchase the full length movies but still would like to from time to time practice the intense vibe and for anyone indeed who gets off from a hot chick shitting into a an eager mouth! I have released several teasers similar in taste and I have gotten a ton of positive reviews and requests for more of this type of thing, so here ya go! Jennifer is back and she is blonde and incredibly hot, I truly consider myself privileged to lick her asshole, have her shit in my mouth and swallow her divine scat. The video features me rimming her asshole and then her farting all over my tongue and then pushing her amazing load of shit out and filling my mouth up! Cheers! Runtime 2m52s.