Akira Rides Her Human Pet

Akira brought in the desperate banker into her home, because he had begged her to become her full time pet and slave. She laughed at his face and spat on him, as the very first sign of her dominance. In the bedroom, the older slave was leaned and bowed to the floor, afraid of being hit and disciplined. Taking the chance, Akira places her entire weight on his back and starts railing him like a yak. The slave embarks walking on all fours, making animal-like sounds. The indignity was supreme, and he now felt defenseless with his fresh mistress. The mistress decides to push the new slave to the bed, and remind him how useless he is he is nothing but a human RAG now. Pushing him to his back, Akira squats and proceeds to mash her SALTY pussy all over the slaves face. The untrimmed and unwashed pussy smelled sour and tasted salty-bitter, as the pussy lips grazed the bankers mouth, tongue, and nose. Bearing down on the banker, Akira makes sure that the slave isnt able to breathe properly, and he is not allowed to complain. He opens his mouth to receive more punishment as the mistress fat and hairy pussy descends once again to choke his entire face.