Toilet Boy

They say you have to be fierce to be kind, but sometimes you also have to be kind to be aggressive. Here I give the slave pleasure with my forearms and hitachi but only to more deeply enslave it to my booty and kaviar, conditioning it to associate pleasure with serving me as a toilet, warping its sexual desire for me as a woman into the need to be abjected and degraded. There is symbolism in clothing. The fact that my dress is open to showcase my magnificent butt tells you instantaneously that the only thing I am here for is to use you as a TOILET. This means I can sit on the toilet slaves face and accept the losers worshipping tongue in one graceful motility without having to adjust my clothes. After saluting my slave with a kick to the testicles I take my seat over its face where it instantaneously embarks idolizing my butthole. As it has little by little forgotten what it was like to be human it performs its functions more and more automatically. Its will has been gradually replaced by a set of trained reactions. It has come to crave the degradation of eating my shit and worships my asshole eagerly and hungrily, almost trying to meld its mouth into my asshole. The closeup view of my pussy and ass, the way my asshole gradually becomes engorged so that it inflates and begins to protrude down from between my ass cheeks, makes licking my asshole and sucking the shit out of it seem almost natural, pleasurable, at once an intimate union and a soul-destroying humiliation. You have so degraded yourself you have come to crave what you once were horrified by. It is no longer human, it is only a toilet that happens to be made of meat. I apply a vibrator to its dick, or what was once its dick. As the shit slides down its throat and gradually fills its mouth its penis gets harder. I then order it to clean it. I even pump its piss handle as it licks my anus. I am not being kind. What appears to be kindness, giving it an orgasm, it the ultimate crueltymaking it crave its own destruction and dehumanization. It is helpless, like a moth drawn to flame, like YOU, TOILET!