Genkeis Lovely Playtime With Tongs

Genkei the baldy slave was sniggering when they put the mouth expander on him. They didnt need to, but he was a good human toilet, and what mattered was his opinion anyway? The mistress squatted on top of Genkeis mouth and farted unceremoniously, releasing a long, fetid fart tasted like heaven. The mistress had been drinking a lot, and her tummy isnt amused. Her turd squished noisily as it slipped out of her pucker, and she struggled a bit to get all of it out in one good. Pushing mightily, half of the crap ended up on Genkeis chest, and he smirked because he witnessed the kaviar break apart and miss his mouth. His mouth was packed to the brim with the chewed up poo, which had a brown coat and was yellow and fibrous inside. The lovely shit tasted bitter and sweet at the same time, and Genkei craved more of the sticky and soft shit because it was easier to swallow. The mistress reached for Genkeis tongue with a pair tongs and played with the shit already in his mouth. Genkei giggled as the tongs crushed and twisted the poo and released more rotten flavors into his mouth. It was a good day to be a human toilet.