Human Pet Gets Fed

The human pet has been starving for days - and today was his day to be given a drink and his food. The owners look at the diapered stable animal and smiles at how it meows and begs them for food. He will get was he is worth at every turn, and today was his prize day. The holder squats on top of clear cup pulls out a strong torrent of golden piss. It gushes down her honeypot and onto the cup, splashing powerfully in a circular haze. She had been holding on to that urinate for hours, it felt so good! She farted into the cup and shoved hard, unfurling a sticky ribbon of turd that plopped lazily into the bowl. Measuring a few inches, it was the stickiest shit shes had in a while, and she loved the feeling it gave her. The human pet reached greedily for the bowl when they allow him, slurping and sucking in the wonderful broth of piss and turd. The turd immediately went down, as the slave tipped the bowl and finished of the crushed shit underneath. No longer famished, the slave takes a bow and thanks the mistress endlessly for the reward of the day.