Whipped And Shat On

The nameless slave was performing his hourly duty of tonguing the mistresses twat until she orgasms and urinates into his mouth. His tongue felt raw and chafed, but he resumes tonguing the warm and humid folds of her mistress cunny and concentrates too on the engorged nub on top. The mistress peckers her head back and whips the slave hard, making him lick her pussy harder and more passionately. She disengages from the slaves crusty and salty mouth and squats atop a small bowl. She smiles at her cruelty and begins pushing out a soft, foamy shit. Shes been drinking a lot of milk lately, and she loves how foamy and putrid her poos turn out when shes doing a lot of dairy. The shit smelled like fermented, stale cheese, and it was still warm and bubbling when it piled circularly in the clear bowl. The shit had the consistency of milk alright, and the slave imagined himself squeezing the shit between his fingers and rubbing it all over his face, before hooking his fingers inside his mouth to eat it. The mistress pulls the slave toward the bowl and dunks his mouth into it, ordering him to finish every last morsel. The slave goes to work instantly lapping up the warm, dairy poo and banging his nose and lips on the inside of the clear bowl. This was his life, and he wouldnt have it any other way.