Morning Ritual With Pet

Haku spent her mornings with her human pet, who had a mouth expander to keep his mouth open and ready to react to her needs. Even as she brushed her teeth, the slave pet laid on his back vulnerably, watching bits of toothpaste and slobber splatter his face. He always lay under the bury, in case she desired to drool into his mouth. Haku felt lazy and determined that instead of washing, shes going to get a good wash from her slave instead. Squatting ceremoniously on top of the pet slave, she orders him to begin cleaning her fuckbox and part of her arse. She gasped inwardly as she felt the anxious, warm tongue exploring the crevices of her slit, and even writhing when it found the swollen nub on top of her pee hole. She closed her eyes and held her thigh as she grinded her unwashed pussy from last night against the mouth expander. She felt that eager tongue continue its work, never tiring of her juicy and hairy slit. She bore down a little on the slaves mouth, so his tongue would not stray from her hole. She was going to spend a little more time in the bathroom today, thats for sure.