Hurrying Student Shits On Human Toilet

Hana felt her tummy grumbling powerfully when she left PE class, and now she had no other choice but to take a massive dump at school. He tummy laid out a little because she had a lot of gas, and she felt that her turd was hard and stinky, too. Rushing to the toilet, she pulled down her sweaty, shit-stained white undies and came face to face with a desparate-looking human toilet. This will have to do, she says, as she had wished a cleaner-looking toilet. The human toilets eyes grew broad as he opened his eyes. The butt hole flowering before him was impossibly taut, but was opening three times its size. The turd was thick! As the peak shoved out of the students bottom, the human toilet caught fished it in with the peak of his tongue and made sure that the large chunk rested on top of his teeth so he can chew it decently. The turd squelched noisly between his teeth as he eagerly tore into it, chunk by chunk, and fiber by fiber. The turd smelled fetid and acidic, but the taste was better acidic, but also sweet and bitter. The student had been eating a lot of sweets, thats fore sure. The human toilet chewed slowly, making sure that he got the small morsels down perfectly because he loved turds like this. The students face contorted just a little as she gave a tiny fart before unloading the last segment of her turd. Satisfied, she lowers her ass even more so the human toilet can begin cleaning her off.