First Time Pooping In My Pants

Ive been very constipated lately. I ate chia seeds the day before to accelerate my digesting process. But I ate way too much: I woke up with cramps and I feel the urge to feces. I am supposed to shoot a pooping custom-made movie but there is no way Im gonna be able to prep for that movie before its too late. I had just enough time to grab my camera and turn it on. I am gonna crap in my pants for the very first time ever! You can see petite bumps apearing through my pants. These are chunks of brocoli I ate the day before. I can feel the feces running down my gams. Then I embark urinating and totally raw my pants. Its my first pee of the day so there is a lot of fluid coming out of me! You can hear the pee running down my legs and hit the floor. My socks are soaking wet! I touch and feel the bump with my hand. I put the camera down to show you the mess. Then I put my pants down to reveal my dirty ass. The bottom of my pants is covered with shit. I can see so many chia seeds and pieces of brocoli inside. I spread my ass to show you my dirty asshole. I remove my pants and show you the mess I made in my pants from a closer angle. How come something as small as chia seeds can be so powerful? I am gonna have a lot of cleaning to do! Find more scat videos on DirtyMaryan. com .