Loyal Turd Servant Is Rewarded – Part 1

Pushing down a cut funnel into his mouth, Mistress Aya unloaded a pungent-smelling fountain of urinate into the poop slaves mouth. The thick piss gurgled and bubbled as it made its way down into the slaves mouth. It washed his mouth and flavored his teeth and gums, making him feel alive. His mouth buckled from the saltiness, making him gag a little, but he fought the involuntary urges and gulped everything. Mistress Haruku made her way to the corner and unloaded a massive load of sausage-shaped turds. It didnt smell bad at all because she eats a lot of vegetables. The turds were smooth and moist, and smelled bittersweet. The slave pounced on the bowl immediately, slurping and grinding his teeth against the shit to take in every ounce of the shit.