Tea And Chocolate For The Toilet Slave

Tea and chocolate for the toilet slave. Toilet slave has to serve his Mistresses in any situation. This time Christina, Yana and Karina determined to have a tea party. The slave courted the chicks, fulfilled all their caprices and requests. Without embarrassment, they stripped before him, because they do not perceive him as a masculine. The slave can only admire their beautiful breasts, but he has no right to touch them. Mistresses did not want to be dispelled on the toilet room. Therefore, they used a slave instead of the toilet. For him, they have ready the special tea and the special chocolate. The very first treat was from Christina. She had long wished to piss, and packed the slaves mouth by the powerful stream of urine. Then, the slave had a hard time again. Yana had diarrhea for several days. This time slave again had to eat Yanas liquid and very nasty shit with vaginal discharge on top. He was nauseous, but he could handle it. Christina and Karinas shit was not liquid. But Karinas shit was very solid and hard to swallow. Toilet slave handled his duties. Providing girls with mouth for spitting, shitting and pissing is his main function in any situation.