Mistress Blacks Mighty Load

Mistress Black has the reputation of extracting the foulest turds in the human bathroom. The crap slaves would attest to that. Today, shes wearing her dearest full-body black suit, and she hasnt been feeling well. She knew exactly what would make her feel better: a decent kaviar on a human toilet. Seating herself cozily, she feels her tummy rumble and she lets out a fetid fart. The fetid fart pips away, washing the slaves face. The slave writhes it stank powerfully, and it woke his senses, alright. He opens his mouth and attempts his best to approximate the point where the peak of the turd will be exiting. He holds up his fingers to make sure the poo doesnt miss its mark, or fall off to his chest or neck. The peak of poo emerged, sticky and brown, and was followed by a slim, sticky segment marked by the shape of the mistress innards. Opening his mouth even wider, the slave lands the shit on his mouth and pats it flat all over his face. The shit was both sticky and a bit dry at the same a sure sign that its been held in for at least a day. Feeling better now, the mistress looks at her work and tells the slave to finish that or he will get in trouble. The slave nods and begins nibbling at the shit so he can start swallowing it.