Chicken Dine And Dump Very Constipated

I am so greedy! I ordered some chicken and it smells amazing. Hmmm! It taste so good! Moist, cooked to perfection and spicy just how I like it. I love feeling that delicious food going down my mouth, and down my belly. That chunk of chicken is going to be digested and leisurely turned into a warm, hard and long chunk of feces. I know you like watching me eat delicious foods. But what you love more than anything is witnessing whats coming out of me. Im going to feces this chichen out in a few days for you, and I truly want you to witness this. Im going to squat over that container, naked, and you are going to see the crap coming out of my taut pink anus. I hope this chicken will be as good coming out as it was going in! In the next scene I am standing in the living room totally nude, holding the chicken container and the leftover bones. I indeed have to take a kaviar! I will poop the chicken I ate 4 days ago right into the container it came in. I put container on the floor squat on top of it. I spread my asscheeks apart with my arms and start pushing. You can clearly see my opened asshole with some shit inside, but it feels like this chicken doesnt want to come out, it loves my insides too much! Finally, grunting and pushing really hard, Im able to squeeze the shit out of my asshole to let it fall onto the container and right onto the bones. It feels so good! Now I have to catch my breath. I take the camera and zoom in on my poop. There are 3 differents pieces all around the chicken bones. Then I briefly show you my dirty asshole from a closer angle and say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed watching me take a shit for you! Find more scat videos on DirtyMaryan. com .