Eat My Shit And Smell It

I transferred the plate to him and said, you need to eat all poop, and I want all of it not on this plate. Do you understand? Slave lowered his head and nodded humbly. Are you ready Toilet? After a few seconds I told him to put the plate down. NOW EAT my yeasterday feces! I exclaimed! Slave trembled at the thought. OPEN YOUR MOUTH, PIG! I nudged his head forward with my crop, pushing his agape lips right to the surface of my delicacy on the plate. Take a big bite! Chew with your mouth closed and dont stop until I tell you to! I dutifully obeyed, chewing her chunky present into a soft mush. Then I stood in front of my toilet, and poop on the bag, which then wore a slave on his head. He breathed my poop and loved the awful smell!