Full Toilet Slave Training 04

For months my slave has been begging me to permit him to serve as my Fine, if thats what he wants! This is my 4th full-toilet training session with my slave. Last time when I fed him my poop on a plate of microwave ravioli he managed to eat about half so Ive determined to serve him another delicious meal hoping that hell be able to finish it all this time. A Caesar salad topped with my delicious poo, yumm! I sit next to my little toilet and love a cigarette so I dont have to smell his meal. I ate a lot of stew the day before and that always gives me soft and super smelly kaviar, fairly abhorrent truly but flawless for aspiring toilets! Hard, soft, or even diarrhea, a toilet has to learn to guzzle it all! He fights to guzzle the very first few bites despite the salad dressing taking the edge off This is gonna take a while so I get convenient resting my feet on his back. When he doesnt make enough progress, I push his face into my shit. Come on boy, eat it! Youre the one who wanted to be a human toilet! To add a little more flavor I keep spitting into his salad and drop my cigarette ashes into it too. He gets to consume ALL my waste! It took him 15 minutes to finish his meal but today Im proud of him, he managed to eat it all and kept it down too, might make a real toilet of him yet! The training WILL continue until hes able to eat it pure. NOTE: I forgot to plug in the microphone so unfortunately this clip is without any audio.