My Best Shits 9

I know many of you love witnessing women like myself taking massive shits in full view for you. You love watching my face and hearing my soft grunts screaming from the amazing pleasure of pushing out massive bowel movements for you. Some of you love witnessing this, perhaps even see my taking these massive shits into my slaves mouth but you dont indeed love always watching the dialog that goes along with it. Perhaps also you dont like eyeing the messy side of it or you dont love observing my slave fight to eat gulp my bowel movements. For those of you My Best Shits series is the ultimate in your erotic viewing pleasure as I take the best defecating scenes from my movies and combine them into a compilation for you. In other words, a nonstop shitting action video of me pushing out these massive bowel movements just for you! From taking a huge, soft shit into my slaves hands in Broken Toilet 37Shitting myself with a very soft, almost diarrhea like shit in Broken Toilet 38Taking a GIGANTIC shit into my slaves mouth using my new toilet chair. Such a massive bowel movement of thick creamy turds that my slaves mouth got filled up quickly and it formed a massive shit pile on top of his shit filled mouth from Broken Toilet 40To the nastiest soft shit I took in my slaves mouth that it overflowed in Broken Toilet 41For all female shit compilation lovers there is something they can masturbate to in My Best Shits 9Disclosure: If you enjoy seeing my slave eat my bowel movements from these compilations as well as me getting so aroused from it that I start to orgasm you should treat yourself to take a look at the videos I used for this compilation. Links are as follow:Broken Toilet 37 Honor My Shit Broken Toilet 38 Nastiest Shit Ever! Broken Toilet 40 Friends Eat ShitBroken Toilet 41 Gigantic Mouth Shit Be sure to check my store for all my other clips! xoxo.